Points Championship

Each year the club agree on a list of races that will attract points. The idea is that these should be sufficiently diverse to attract the full range of runners and that points should be weighted to reward not only performance but also, for example, personal best achievements, first time entered etc.  There are four awards for both female and male runners with a shield going to the winners in both categories.

The 2015 Award - Linda Radford

In 2015 the award went to Linda Radford. Linda not only achieved numerous PB’s in 2015, regularly turned up at events but also did as much as anyone to encourage others to take part. The award is just recognition for Linda’s determination, dedication and commitment to the club.

The 2015 Award - Alex Radford

Alex Radford, the Club Captain, was the worthy winner in 2015. A regular presence at events throughout the year Alex also went out of his way to encourage others to take part. In addition to the club’s own events Alex also played a pivotal role in supporting the local parkrun, regularly giving up his own run to allow others to take part.   

Previous Female Winners

Previous Male Winners

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