A Wet Day in Cranleigh

Summer finally arrived in Cranleigh on 29th March, warm day, 13’C and the obligatory wind and rain which goes with the UK summer. 14 crazy runners decided that it was a good day for a run through the roads around Cranleigh. Stood around at the start we were provided with a cooling drizzle, which never stopped for the entire run. To add insult to injury we started at 8am… (ok it was 9am but the clocks had gone forward and it certainly felt early!). Our brave team started our run which consisted of a 9 mile lap followed by either a solitary 6 mile lap or if you were really feeling it two 6 mile laps.

On time we began and we left Cranleigh behind us into the wind and  rain which was to greet us around the entire course. It was a pretty flat course, with the exception of the several hills that we had to run up and down multiple times. Three miles in and we still hadn’t found anything but a headwind and hills. Did that stop us? Not a chance. Many of us were doing our longest run that we have to do on our marathon training and for the Brighton Marathon Crew it was the last long run at all as they get to taper over the next couple of weeks.

We all flew round the first lap and ran through the centre of Cranleigh, dodging the pedestrians as we went through the streets, to a quick bit of trail which signified the start of lap two. From this point the entire run started to feel uphill, but we ploughed on past marshalls who had their heads hidden in hooded jackets to keep warm and groups of children handing out jelly babies and water who were cheerful in spite of the weather. Our second lap ends as we come up the big hill towards the finish, knowing we have to tackle that once more before the end. And then onwards past the finish and a final lap beckoned. The wind gets stronger, the rain gets wetter but we’re immune to it now. At mile 20, we all come to the bottom of the final hill and its one big push, everything that’s left out it comes as we get up and over, and we’re there, just got to run downhill to the finish. We turned the final corner and there is the big red inflatable which says we have achieved a miracle, we have run 21 miles and have survived to tell the tale. We can do anything after that. We’re untouchable.

So… onto the results. In the 15 mile race, Scott Kennedy made light of the hills and the weather and steamrollered the course in 1:33:20 to win the event by 31 seconds! Absolutely phenomenal. Great run Scott. For team BVR Andy Murphy and Charles Lee completed the 15 as well in very respectable times and hopefully the niggles they picked up will recover over the next few days.

In the 21 mile race all the credit goes to “Porter’s Princesses” who completed their 21 mile run. Great runs by Holly, Linda F, Sarah F, Charley and Linda R as they completed 21 miles, many of them for the first time. They all looked great afterwards and enjoyed the achievement they managed. Well done to Dave Porter for dragging them all round over the last 3 months to get them ready for the big event that is to follow for them all over the next 5 weeks.

Congratulations also to the rest of team BVR, Alex, Alan, Andy, Roger and Steve for a good 21 mile run.

Finally thanks to John and Val for standing out for 3 hrs plus, we all appreciated seeing you on the course.

Our next MABAC is on the 12th April at Farley Heath, look forward to seeing you all there, but if you aren’t there, good luck in the Brighton marathon!


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