BVR Runners out and about pacing

Linda and Alex Radford have been taking part in two events from “The Human Race” as part of the Garmin Pacing Team. Firstly a half marathon at Eton Dorney on 28th February 2015 and Lidl Breakfast Run in Kingston on 15th March 2015. At Eton Dorney Linda ran the 11 minute/mile group round the lake 4 times which and Alex was supposed to be running at 7 minute/mile group but got roped into going a little quicker to bring the group back in under 90 minutes. The weather was overcast and dull and gradually got windier each time we went round the lake till it felt like it was blowing a gale at the end. All of the runners who took part in the event hung on to the pacemakers all the way round and many achieved massive PB’s. It was a privilege to be part of the event and was wonderful to be part of other people achieving their goals.

At Kingston two weeks after Eton Dorney, they were at it again, this time Linda ran 16 miles and Alex 20 miles, with the same goals to bring runners round in the time they want to for marathon preparation with the main marathons coming up in a few weeks. This time we should have had the knowledge of tour guides running the Thames path and straight past Hampton Court Palace, but alas our knowledge wasn’t that good, however when one of the foreign runners started asking questions the other runners all chipped in and knew a huge amount. Again the goals were achieved with us running within a few seconds for each mile of our assigned paces.

Pacing is a great fun thing to do and you soon realise the responsibility when you start and a great big mob of people attach themselves onto you and want you to take them round so they can succeed. The funny thing is in Kingston we ran the last 2 miles pretty much on our own. The runners were feeling good and the best bit was watching them sail off into the distance as they accelerated towards the finish. We met some great people and it was lovely to give something back into the running community.

All those people who ran with us during both the Eton Dorney run and Lidl Breakfast run, we hope achieve their goals and run the times they want to do. For us it’s onto the Fleet Half-Marathon and our own marathons in a few weeks.


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