Great South Run

The day started early meeting at the cricket club for 6.45.

David Hamed had kindly offered a lift in his 9 seater and he had a full house.

As the dawn broke we could tell it was going to be a sunny day as mist covered the hills and valleys around Hindhead.

We arrived with plenty of time in hand, collected our wristbands for the clubzone and settled in.

Other clubs were setting up tables of food and massage beds, maybe something we could do next time…. David and Dawn had bought a picnic table (thank you guys) so we popped our bits and bobs in there. There were free bottles of water and squeezy jelly sachets for runners.

We had a wander round the village where you could pick up more freebies and Alton sports were there selling heavily discounted shoes!

Time came to do what we’d come for so we all donned our coloured numbers and disappeared into our appropriate start waves.

Each wave had a warm up before their start compered by the Duracell bunny on a rampart overhead.

Off we went, passing crowds cheering our names. Bands galore played and children gave out jelly babies and high fives. Streets turned into street parties where they lined the road cheering and playing music, deck chairs out, enjoying the occasion. Portsmouth residents must really love this day! The elite runners running right passed their front doors.

The conditions were perfect, if a little hot. The final stretch along the promenade is great, markers all the way in 1500, 800, 400, 200, give it all you’ve got.

Then crossing the line, no time to stop! Anyone who knows me knows I need to collapse for at least 5 minutes post sprint. Not today. We were corralled towards our goody bags containing our medals, T-shirts and lots more. A stretch area was then available to music and instruction which I took advantage of.

Then back to the clubzone to meet the others and exchange stories of our runs.

It was truly a great day, so much so a lot of us took advantage of the early bird entry of 25% off next years race for the first 1000 runners.

A superb race, well run and a big race feel.

Big thanks to David and Dawn Hamed for taking us down.

Run review by Kellie Archer