Interview with Steve Low, Marathon Medal Collector

We are in a field in Wales interviewing Steve Low.

“So, Steve, how many London Marathons have you completed?”

That was Steve’s ninth.

“So compared to the other eight…?”

It was as hot as one of them but the others were cooler.

“What is your pre marathon prep?”

On the day get up, tape up: quads, feet, boobs, then a bowl of homemade muesli, black coffee. On the bus eat my cheap Tesco flapjack. On arrival a banana. You get free drink in the GFA enclosure. However, I prepare water with Dioralyte which is stronger than Lucozade. I do about a mile warm up and then it is time to join the queue to get in the pen. It is about an hour since getting off the bus. This year I was looking for the son of a friend I was at University with. I ended up meeting him in the toilet queue, 3 places ahead!”

Preparation the day before. Carb load with a big bag of crisps – sea salt and black pepper. Sometimes I have 2 scrambled eggs on toast. Sometimes with cumin as an anti-inflammatory. I have home baked bread toast. Keep drinking water, eating all day. Half a malt loaf when away.

During the run, I have Lucozade sport elite gels at 8, 12, 20 miles and to drink I start with Lucozade sport and then move onto water. This year I took a bottle of water with dioralyte. At Boston I learnt that I needed more electrolyte than I could get from Gatorade so that is when I decided to use dioralyte.

At the finish, I get my bag and start eating again. Anything I can get. There were crisps in the goodie bag and I had a burger too, and I ate chips with Bryony.

Day after: the washing. In the morning my legs are ok but they start to seize up and they are bad Tuesday morning and they start to ease later on Tuesday. I don’t roller or stretch anymore! I just rest.

I was following my plan. I was wearing Hoka Clifton 4 shoes. At 3 miles my plan said slow down but I caught up with Chris Tizzard and then we caught up with Simon Cooper. I realised it was too fast and I slowed. Chris went ahead and in 5 miles I passed him. He was walking and this was about half way. I couldn’t talk to him as we were on opposite sides of the course. I passed Simon later on but didn’t see him at the time.

Steve’s time was 2:58:14 and he was first in his age group. The day after our interview, Steve completed the Brecon Beacons Marathon in 4:48:06 and was second male. It was also hot and a trail route in the Brecon Beacons. Well done Steve!