Off to the Surrey Hills Again


So on a warm and sunny Sunday morning a mass of Blackwater Valley Runners turned up for the latest instalment in the MABAC series. This time we were at Farley Heath. In excess of 20 runners enjoyed the sunshine in the woods. We were even met by bluebells as well. For the first time in a while we had a couple of juniors run the 1 lap course so we were there as a club en masse.

So we all lined up to begin having been warned there was water across the full length of the course towards the back end and we were off. Starting with a big down hill we ran through the sandy ground and charged off all thinking, we’ll pay for this later. So we reached the bottom and then started our first climb, and then got onto the longest straight I’ve ever seen on a MABAC. You could literally see 600m or more in front of you and see the full group leading you in the distance. Soon after we start down again, and find a bit of tarmac to run down, then we’re back into the woods and then come across the puddle. It’s big enough to swim through. We could have used it for the first part of the Crondall Triathlon, ok it’s not in Crondall… Round we went and then started the final climb to the finish which starts steep, and then we climb up and it levels off and goes again! Eventually we break out of the forest and a quick left turn and we’re back to the start again. Rinse and repeat and lo and behold we’ve finished. Quite a long race at well over 5.7 miles, tough course in warm weather.

So how did we all do, start with the juniors, Nicholas Radford was 1st round for the juniors and Alaistair Radford was 5th or 6th. Well done to them both for a great run. Shame you got a stitch Al.. we will fix it, Doc Chazzo that’s one for you!

So the seniors… Scott Kennedy was 2nd overall with Steve Low 6th. At the time of writing times are not available. More good runs from those two. Really good runs from everyone, Vanessa did a good time, William Hurley ran really well and Paddy fought hard to beat Steve Bailey. And then Dave Porter beat Holly in a sprint for the line. It was all happening today. Every other runner seemed to be from BVR today. Great attendance and great company.

Anyway onto the important stuff that everyone really cares about, Coffee and Cake. Today’s home made selection was Lemon Drizzle Cake from Melissa, and chocolate and non-chocolate flapjacks from Paddy. I can attest that they were all fantastic. YUM!!! As well as that there was carrot cake, mini millionaires shortbread and chocolate fudge cake. Flasks of Coffee and Tea were also available as well as fizzy drink. What more could you want from your Sunday morning run? A run through the forest and then cake.. It’s the way to go.

Next up is Holmwood on 14th June 2015, more coffee and cake and a small matter of a run thrown into the bargain. Look forward to seeing you there for the next episode!!! Have fun all!


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