The Points Championship.. so far

We’re now 13 events done out of 21 for the points championship for 2015 so it seemed a good time to go through the story so far. So rather embarrassingly (as I’m one of them) the Radford clan has led the tables from the first events this year having been at every event with the exception of Holmwood MABAC, however the tables have been close all year.

In the ladies table, initially Karen Jones was 2nd, then Tracy Dolman, and then Karen Jones took that back from her until the Fleet half marathon at which point we had a new person in 2nd, Holly Purser who still holds that position today, however after the Surrey Slog the female points championship has got incredibly close with just 22 points now seperating 2nd from 6th. It’s going to be an absolute grandstand finish towards the end of the year. With Holly (179), Charlie (178), Linda F (167), Sarah F(165) and Amanda B(157) separated by the points from just one race it’s all up for grabs right now. Karen Jones(131) and Karen Morgan(117) aren’t out of the race either.  They have all been chasing the 2014 PB Queen Linda Radford(264) who has an incredible lead of 85 points. With 8 events left it sounds a lot but it’s not impossible to catch. There’s going to be a lot of changes in the table yet and no-one should predict how its going to go from here. You never know!

In the male championship there has been a battle going on between Alex R and Scott all year from the first race of the year. Currently Alex Radford (388) has a 48 point lead over Scott Kennedy (340). They have been fighting it out all year long and have opened up a gap of over 100 points to Steve L (236) in third place with Dave P (218) and Alan F (208)  just behind. Steve Bailey(181) who was third at one time has dropped to 6th in recent weeks  and Andy Ratcliffe(162) has shot up from 12th to 7th after good results at Elstead and the Surrey Slog.

There are still tons of points left with over a third of the points still up for grabs so nothing is decided yet. However, now is the time to make a move as huge changes can happen in the closing weeks as happened last year. The more of us that turn up at the points events, the more points are up for grabs. Anyone who turns up at most of the events that are left will move up masses of places in the table.

So where next for the points championship, Wimbledon for a 5 mile MABAC on Tuesday 4th August 7:30pm. This run comes highly recommended, its got a big hill early on each lap then downhill and a long flat and round a sports field at the end of lap 2.  There is even a FREE buffet afterwards, sandwiches and stuff and a bar (which you have to pay for)! It’s a great social evening that comes highly recommended that has a 5 mile run at the start. Hope to see as many of you there as possible, it’s one of the most fun MABAC’s of the year and we all sit around chat and eat after.

Anyway if you want to see the points championship as it stands today follow the link here -> Points Championship

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