Tuesday Nights

On Tuesday nights we do speedwork sessions. These are very useful for people who want to train for their first marathon or half marathon, or improve their times. They start at various locations around Aldershot, not from the cricket club. Details of the forthcoming sessions are posted in our weekly newsletter and also put on our facebook page. If you’re going to come along, “Join” the facebook event so we’re expecting you.

A typical session might involve something like this:

2 mile warm up
2 x 2 mile@ Threshold (T) pace with 2 minute recovery
3 x 1 km @ V̇o2 max/ interval (I) pace with 2 minute recovery
4 x 200m @ repetition (R) pace with 200m recoveries.
1 mile cooldown

To get the most out of a session, you need to run the intervals at the right pace (Threshold, VO2 Max, Repetition, etc).  You can find these by putting in your latest race performance (eg from the 5k Rushmoor park run) into a training pace calculator such as this one http://www.runbayou.com/jackd.htm and noting them from the column on the right hand side.  Please note: as your race times improve, your training paces will change accordingly.

If you’re a beginner or on low mileage, don’t let the above put you off.  Please come along and we can have you work on some base mileage with a few intervals for example.  Recently we have been running two separate sessions in parallel, one for newish runners and one for the more seasoned runners, so there is something for everyone.