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Blackwater Valley Runners Membership 2016/17

£50 running member – £25 social member – EA Affiliation £13 £10 (optional)

Membership has moved online! No more filling out paper membership forms, you can join and pay your annual subs right here.

Membership of BVR has a number of benefits:
  • Annual subs include a £20 fee for associate membership of Aldershot Cricket Club. This entitles you (and guest) to use the bar facilities whenever the bar is open
  • You are entitled to a discount (typically £2) when you enter Association of Running Clubs (ARC) permit events as an ‘attached’ runner
  • If you pay £10 (discounted by BVR from £13) to affiliate to England Athletics and become a ‘competing member’, you are entitled to a discount (typically £3) when you enter British Athletics permit events as an ‘attached’ runner and are able to run as BVR . You are also eligible to enter the draw for BVR’s London Marathon place(s) if you have been a member for a year
  • You can get a 10% discount from most running shops in the local area
  • You can compete in the free monthly MABAC league events
  • You can subscribe to receive the free BVR weekly newsletter

UPDATE: UK Athletics (UKA) have changed the rules regarding entering races as part of a club. For many races, you may now only enter ‘Blackwater Valley Runners’ as your ‘club name’ if you are personally a paid up member of UKA. To make the transition to becoming a UKA affiliated runner a little easier on the pocket, BVR will put £3 towards the levy, leaving you to pay the remaining £10. Our standard club fees will remain unaffected, and we hope you will agree that £50 a year for membership of the best running club in the area, especially with the facilities we have, is a bargain.

The cost of a full year’s membership (1st April to 31st March) is currently £50, but this reduces by around £1 per week as the year progresses. You can find out what the current cost of membership is by checking out the online membership page or by asking us on a Wednesday night.

Paying membership fees

Membership fees can be paid:

  • Online when you join (all major credit cards accepted)

If you’d like more information on club membership, please use our contact form to get in touch.


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We belong to the MABAC Running league (cross country) and members and their guests can enjoy their free monthly runs. We’re affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) which supplies our insurance. Membership allows entry to hundreds of ARC races at a discounted price.
We’re affiliated to England Athletics which enables you to become a ‘competing member’ and enter UK Athletics (UKA) races at a discounted price.