Club Handicap Races

Every year, the running club runs a series of events called “The Handicaps” or time trials. These are not compulsory but great fun!

Everyone runs a well marked, marshalled, flat 5 mile course (or 4 mile course), but they all set off in groups at different times, slowest first. The idea is to set the times so that the fastest people catch the slowest just as they reach the finish line. You choose your time i.e. 10min/mile and run with a group of the same ability.

The first run of the series is always a bit of a guess for everyone, and the times runners have chosen aren’t very close. Some people are wildly optimistic, some wildly pessimistic, and some just want to run with friends. But for BVR members the start times for each of the following runs are based on the previous run, so the predictions get better and everyone finishes closer together.

There’s a 4 mile version of the course for anyone that doesn’t want to do the full 5 miles. All runners are timed and the results are published here.

2016 Handicap Results

11th May

8th June