Special Dates in 2020

This is a list of special dates in 2020. If you're thinking of entering an event, check here first to make sure it doesn't clash with something else that BVR is doing! The Woodland Woggle and Rushmoor Wellesley 10k are especially important as we need around half the club to marshal these events.

Sunday 5th JanuaryLord Wandsworth XC Series #3https://www.hartroadrunners.co.uk/races/lord-wandsworth-xc/
Sunday 12th JanuaryMABAC Windsor Parkhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-windsor-park-magic-8-miles/
Sunday 16th FebruaryLord Wandsworth XC Series #4https://www.hartroadrunners.co.uk/races/lord-wandsworth-xc/
Sunday 1st MarchLord Wandsworth XC Series #5https://www.hartroadrunners.co.uk/races/lord-wandsworth-xc/
Sunday 1st MarchMABAC Priory Parkhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-priory-park-reigate-priory-a-c/
Sunday 29th MarchMABAC Cranleigh 15 / 21https://running.mabac.org.uk/cranleigh-15-21-road-race-ideal-pre-spring-marathon-training-run/
Sunday 19th AprilMABAC Winterfold Foresthttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-winterfold-forest-cranleigh-runners/
Sunday 3rd MayMABAC Farnham Parkhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-farnham-park-blackwater-valley-runners/ BVR marshals needed!
Sunday 10th MayWoodland Wogglehttps://sites.google.com/site/woodlandwoggle/ BVR marshals needed!
Wednesday 3rd JuneYateley 10K Series #1http://www.yateley10kseries.info/index.html
Sunday 14th JuneMABAC Holmwoodhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-holmwood-dorking-dorking-mole-valley-a-c/
Wednesday 1st JulyYateley 10K Series #2http://www.yateley10kseries.info/index.html
Sunday 26th JulyMABAC Surrey Sloghttps://running.mabac.org.uk/surrey-slog-half-marathon/
Tuesday 4th AugustMABAC Wimbledon Commonhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-wimbledon-common-wimbledon-windmilers/
Wednesday 5th AugustYateley 10K Series #3http://www.yateley10kseries.info/index.html
Sunday 23rd AugustMABAC Pairs Relayhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-pairs-relay/
Sunday 20th SeptemberMABAC Lightwater Country Parkhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-lightwater-country-park-runnymede-runners/
Sunday 25th OctoboerMABAC Nonsuch Parkhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-nonsuch-park-epsom-oddballs/
Sunday 15 NovemberMABAC Farley Heathhttps://running.mabac.org.uk/mabac-farley-heath-purford-puffers-waverley-harriers/
Date Event Description
Jan 13 Windsor Park MABAC league event
Jan 27 Farnborough Half Local event
Mar 3 Priory Park MABAC league event
Mar 10 Surrey Half Local event
Mar 17 Fleet Half Local event
Mar 31 Cranleigh 15/21 MABAC open event. BVR marshal and run in this one
Apr 7 Winterfold Forest MABAC league event
Apr 28 London marathon BVR run in or support this one.
May 12 WOODLAND WOGGLE Our own fundraising event. Many BVR marshals needed!
May 19 FARNHAM PARK Our own MABAC league event. Many BVR marshals needed!
Jun 5 Yateley 10k - 1 Local event
Jun 9 Holmwood MABAC league event
Jun 15+ Endure 24 Reading BVR usually have lots of teams at this weekend event
Jun 28? Elstead "Marathon" Lots of BVR enter this local event
Jul 21 Surrey Slog MABAC open event. BVR marshal and run in this one
Jul 3 Yateley 10k - 2 Local event
Aug 6 Wimbledon Common MABAC league event
Aug 7 Yateley 10k - 3 Local event
Aug 11 Hart 4 Trail Relays Lots of BVR teams enter this local event
Sep 8 Farnham Pilgrim's Marathon and Half Lots of BVR enter this local event
Sep 22 Lightwater Country Park MABAC league event
Oct 13 RUSHMOOR WELLESLEY 10K Our own fundraising event. Many BVR marshals needed!
Oct 20 Nonsuch Park MABAC league event
Nov 17 Farley Heath MABAC league event