2-Mile Handicaps 2018


1. The handicaps will run on the second Tuesday of every month (unless it clashes with another event in which case we will move it and give reasonable notice), meeting at 7:15pm in the parkrun hard stand car park (behind the athletics track), or at 7:25pm on Redvers Buller Road opposite Marlborough County Infants School.

2. The route for the Handicaps starts opposite the entrance to Marlborough County Infants School. Go down the road, take the first left onto Cameron Road, run to the end of that road and turn left onto O Connor Road. Stay on O Connor Road and follow it round the estate. At around 0.6 mile this road becomes Redvers Buller Road. Run back up this road to Cameron Road and turn right, starting a second lap. Once the second lap has been completed run straight up the road to just before the Lille Barracks entrance where the finish line is.

3. The clock will run down from 30 minutes at each event aiming to start at 7:30pm. (This gives people a few minutes to do their own warmup). All times are measured to the nearest second.

4. Everyone will be given a time based on their fastest time. (30:00 - PB)

  1. If your fastest time is 14:30 for the 2 mile loop, then you will start with 15:30 on the clock
  2. If your fastest time is 18:13 for the 2 mile loop, then you will start with 11:47 on the clock etc
  3. The time given on a first event will be an estimate rounded to nearest 15 seconds.
  4. If you have no time in the current year or the previous year, you will be treated in the same way as a runner doing a first event.

5. Everyone will get the following points;

  1. 10 points for attending
  2. For all runners after their first event : 1 position point for every position above last in the order people cross the finish line.
  3. For all first time runners: Position points equivalent to half the number of runners rounded down
  4. Anyone beating their fastest time will get their time adjusted for the next run based on how much they improve. i.e. if they are 18 seconds faster than their fastest time, then their handicap time will be increased 18 seconds.

6. The 6 highest scoring events in the year will count towards the overall score.

7. The handicap year will be January to December each year

8. The winner of the handicap will be the person with the most points from their scoring events during the year.

Overall Results

PosFirst NameLast NamePoints