Wednesday Club Nights

Our main club night is on a Wednesday. This is the best night to come along for the first time. We generally have about 10 different groups to choose from; ranging from about 4 miles at a very moderate pace to 10+ miles at a brisk pace. All groups have a designated leader and usually a tail runner as well. Runs generally take 60 to 75 minutes whatever group you’re in.

We usually meet at 6.55pm at Aldershot Cricket Club in the bar area. It’s easiest to park in Aldershot Park car park to the left of the club gates at the end of Guildford Road. At 7pm there may be a few announcements, then the group leaders make themselves known, then the groups set off. We’re based on the edge of Aldershot and there are a surprising number of routes to choose from, both on and off road. During the long nights of summer we can get out as far afield as Puttenham, Crooksbury Hill, Ash Ranges, Caesars Camp, and Tilford. In winter we tend to stick to well lit routes around Aldershot, Farnham, Tongham, and Ash.

Every few weeks in the summer we have an Away Day where we meet at a local beauty spot and run from there; afterwards adjourning to a local pub to re-live the nights run!

If you’re new to the club or are thinking of joining, Wednesday Club Night is the perfect time to come and meet everyone. You can come along and try us any Wednesday, but the first Wednesday of every month is especially good as it’s New Member’s Night and also Moving Up night. On this Wednesday, club members are encouraged to try moving up a pace group (see table below), and group leaders try to ensure that their group runs at the bottom end of its pace range.

GroupAverage Distance
Average Pace
Target Pace Range
Average Pace
Average Parkrun
Time (Mins)
RAINBOW1 – 2Walking recovery group for members who would still like to attend Club Night socially
WHITE4 – 513:3013:00 – 14:008:2035 – 45
YELLOW4 – 612:3012:00 – 13:007:4532 – 35
ORANGE5 – 711:3011:00 – 12:007:1030 – 32
GREEN6 – 710:3010:00 – 11:006:3028 – 30
LIGHT PURPLE7 – 89:409:20 – 10:006:0026 – 28
DARK PURPLE7 – 99:008:40 – 9:205:4025 – 26
BROWN7 – 98:208:00 – 8:405:1022 – 25
RED8 – 97:457:30 – 8:004:5020 – 22
BLACK8 – 107:157:00 – 7:304:30< 20
More club runs?

If you’re interested in going a bit further, check out our Sunday Runs.