Club History

bvr club history

Blackwater Valley Runners (BVR) have been in existence for about 40 years, so they are steeped with history.

They were originally formed in 1984 under the name “Air Log Joggers”, by the sports & social club of a company called “Air Log” in Aldershot. The story goes that there were 600 to 700 people working for Air Log and one sunny morning whilst having a tea break, sitting on a wall, the founding members decided to start jogging and running. So many people joined the group, a committee was found and the club was formed.

The name Air Log Joggers was very respected in the local running community as they competed in and won many local races.

After the company was taken over and closed by an American company the name was later changed as the new company wanted an income for using the name Air Log Joggers. So in 1997 the name was changed to “Blackwater Valley Runners”, simply because we run around the Blackwater Valley area.

The club logo is adapted from the Blackwater Valley Countryside logo of a coot in reeds, well known to all who use the Blackwater Valley Path and even seen on the bridges along the Blackwater Valley A331 relief road.